Do you want to show up naturally and spontaneous on camera, so that you can truly connect, create trust, and show  empathy with your clients? You can transform your self image to reconnect with yourself.  You deserve to be more confident and magnetic.

Yet, as soon as you're in the Spotlight, you feel awkward and insecure.
So, instead, you throw away the opportunity to leverage the most powerful communication tool of our era: Video.


and For the past 12 years, I have coached thousands of actors to achieve their full potential through my work with NETFLIX, FOX, TNT, and Universal Channel. Now, I'm excited to be working with entrepreneurs, executives, teachers and coaches to help them show up as their true selves on video.

Maybe you procrastinate when you need to record your videos. And Perfectionism doesn't allow you to relax. Perfectionism is your main enemy.


You might have even followed a course on how to use the camera for your business, but the only thing you got was tips and tricks on camera angles or lighting.


It didn’t make a difference…


I know that feeling of  fear, block and blank in front of a camera. I went through it myself with years of procrastination because I wanted to do it perfectly.


I remember how it felt when I could not relax in front of the camera and enjoy being filmed.


I understand that feeling of dread, when watching the replay, and feeling terrible about seeing my own image.


I felt fake.






And I know that is possible to transform it completely because now I love to be in front of the camera. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy watching myself because I changed the relationship to my self-image. 


After many years working with actors, I learned that it's your self-image that creates the fear of exposure. When you transform your self-image, you will be able to relax and be natural in front of a camera. 


This is why I created The Be yourself On Camera Method. To empower people to be more relaxed, at ease, confident, and empathetic to the needs of their clients by shedding their masks and false self-image and uncovering their true identity that makes them shine.




Self awareness is your super power

First you identify your self image and how the limiting beliefs about yourself are creating the insecurity. Then you will understand the origins of the lost of your spontaneity.

Transform the enemy into your friend

You will learn how to use the inner critic as your friend. And how to use the fear energy as a fuel to your full presence.

The video as vehicle to realize your mission 

You will learn how to align your purpose with the use of video in your business to scale your impact beyond  your self-imposed limitations.

Unlock the power of vulnerability

You will dissolve the fear of being in front of other people without masks. Learn how vulnerability create empathy. Reprogram the limiting beliefs.

Ground and cultivate a truthful and embodied presence

Dissolve the false image to reconnect with your true self. Expand the ability to listen and speak from the heart.




Rapper winner of Latin Grammy

"I am another artist after I met Tomas, my interpretation has enriched in a fantastic way and this is reflected in every time I pick up the microphone."



actress winner

of 25 cinema and

TV awards 

“Tomás' work focuses on connecting with pure truth to start a process. The search begins with a journey to yourself: identifying your own defense mechanisms to let your instincts come to you more quickly and your imagination to flow without manipulation, judgment, modesty. Be whole in order to get into the character. ”



winner of 34 cinema and TV awards

"Tomás works discreetly but deeply, respecting the actor's inner time. Nothing invasive, but very efficient. I loved having this experience with him and I hope to be able to meet him again!"


I believe that everybody

deserves to feel confident

in front of the camera!

So go ahead and book a Free 30 min session where I will help you find out what is causing your fear on camera, so that you can solve it.

So that you can s
top feeling awkward and insecure. Stop over criticizing yourself on your videos. Stop procrastination. Stop feeling blank in front of the camera. It is your time to get out there and get the opportunities to grow your business through the use of video. 




It’s time for you to become the face of your brand.